privoxy-log-parser – A parser for Privoxy log messages

privoxy-log-parser reads Privoxy log messages and:

With privoxy-log-parser, you should be able to increase Privoxy's log level, without getting confused by the amount of output you get. For example for debug 64, privoxy-log-parser will (by default) only show messages that affect the content. If a filter doesn't cause any hits, privoxy-log-parser will hide the "filter foo caused 0 hits" message.

privoxy-log-parser ships as privoxy-log-parser.pl to make it clear that it's a Perl script, on most operating systems you can strip the extension.

Run perldoc privoxy-log-parser(.pl) to read the documentation.

Example Output

[Screenshot: Highlighted Privoxy log output] [Screenshot: Highlighted Privoxy log output] In the screen shot above, privoxy-log-parser makes it easier to see which filters hit the page, and how the content size was affected.

In the screen shot to the left (full version) you see log messages for three different pft requests, the first of them was responsible for the two other ones and is waiting for their results. The colored thread ids make it easy to see which log line belongs to which request.